El aleteo del colibrí (The hummingbird flickering)

We introduce you our first project, El aleteo del colibrí, a short film directed by Meritxell A. Valls, starring Adrià Collado, Igor Szpakowski and Helena Miquel.


Our actions in the past affect our future. We always try to choose the best choice but, ¿what if it isn't? ¿What if a bad choice led us to our own death? Fran is on a cul-de-sac when he suffers an accident when chasing a thief but, ¿what brought him there? ¿What if he could change it? In his last minutes of life, Fran travels through his memories to find the moment he went wrong and try fix it.


#Elaleteodelcolibrí #Cortometraje


Avda Paral·lel 67, Barcelona 

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