Noche de pajas



Javi and Pep hang out after class, just like any other Friday Night. They are drinking and having fun when they meet two girls... but their courting strategies are a bit far from being the bests.

Fiction short film

Genre: drama, comedy

Lenght: 10' 00''

Written and directed by: Domingo Giménez

DOP: Edu Jiménez

Songs by: Laberinto sin salida, Libertad                         kondicional, Vendetta fucking metal

Produced by: Trío de Doses

Artistic team:

          Javi: Fran Montobio

          Pep: Roguer Príncep

          Eva: Sara Coll

          Julia: Júlia Rubio


  • Official selection in the FICC in the Murcine section.

  • Gea Film Fest, first edition. (Out of competition)

© Trío de doses. Todos los derechos reservados

Avda Paral·lel 67, Barcelona 

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