El cuento de Lisa Grimm



Lisa Grimm is a chilren’s story writer. On the other side of the wall of her flat, in the building next door, lives Martín, an enthusiastic and imaginative crime novelist. One day, Lisa drills a small hole through the wall and discovers Martín. Both begin to spy on each other until one day they decide to open a large hole in the wall that keeps them apart. But, truth and fiction are far from the same.

Fiction short film
Genre: fantasy
Lenght: 7’ 39’’
Written and directed by: Domingo Giménez
DOP: Edu Álvarez
Soundtrack: Jo Robinson
Produced by: Trío de Doses

Artistic team:

          Lisa: Eva Llach

          Martín: Marc Messeguer

          Lisa (narrator): María Victoria Llena


  • Second prize at CreaMurcia 2015, section of fiction short film and documentary.

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Avda Paral·lel 67, Barcelona 

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