Startups pack

Videos designed exclusively for your startup. Using motion graphics and/or real life video, you will generate a great interest, presenting the values of your company or product.

Length: 1-3 minutes
Motion graphics + Video
Destinated to:
-Crowdfunding campaigns.
-Presentation to investors.
-Video web and social networks.
Production time: 2-3 weeks.

Internal video

If you own a company and you want your workers to know its values, its inner workings or some novelty, an internal video is the best way to achieve it.

Length: 3-10 minutes
Video + Stock images
Destinated to:
-Company workers.
-Regular clients.
-Corporative web.
Production time: 1-4 weeks.

Introduce your business

Let the audience know about your business presenting its history, its origins, how it works, who are you, which are your values... Essential for your web and your social networks.

Length: 1-5 minutes
Video (documental aesthetics)
Destinated to:
-Social networks.
-New clients.
Production time: 3-7 days.

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